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Insurance Premium Financing
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US Premium Finance means partnership. Our agency-partners experience our attention to detail and our deep culture of customer driven service the instant they try us.

The insurance industry has become highly competitive and homogenized, so the question arises how does a company distinguish itself?

At US Premium Finance we have answered this question by honoring our vital broker relationships, and tailoring programs specifically to help them succeed. We tailor your premium finance program to fit your needs through customized quoting software, personalized customer service, profit sharing, and superior pricing and terms.

We realize our brokers and agents are bombarded daily with marketing pitches from our competitors. We do not take your business for granted. We constantly reanalyze the needs of the insurance marketplace to provide a product that will satisfy the needs and goals of our brokers to give them the competitive advantage that they deserve.

USPF is more responsive and less bureaucratic than our behemoth corporate peers.

Behemoth premium finance companies simply cannot deliver our level of customer-centric service. Our flat management enables us to respond quickly to our customer’s needs. We simply guarantee you and your insured a better premium finance experience. We know because we hear it from our agent-clients.

We offer you features that help you run your agency more efficiently.

Finance policies right from your agency management system with our PASS system. Set up only takes about an hour and best of all there’s no charge for this system.

Reduce missed payments and lapses with our CAPE system. We automatically reach out to insureds to collect missed payments and notify you.  Additionally, we offer a 7-day cancellation hold while attempting to collect payment. Cape is truly a win-win allowing insureds to stay protected while steadying your revenue stream.


Flat Compensation – Tell us what you want to earn in producer fees and we build that spread into each loan so your CSR will not have to think about rate. The advantage is a lively revenue stream that is automatic with each quote.

Spread Compensation – We provide you with a “buy” rate which you can increase at your discretion within statutory guidelines. The advantage is a more robust revenue stream.


We offer 3 options for funding our agents:

Wire Transfer / ACH – Rather than take the time to type out checks/drafts to yourself, we wire transfer monies directly into your agency’s accounts and then e-mail confirmation. Our agents value this feature because it is efficient and improves their float.

Conventional Checks – Naturally, we can issue a conventional check if that is your preference.

Draft Checks – Our agents have the option of using draft checks to fund Premium Finance Agreements. Simply issue the check and deposit into your bank account.


NOTICE: We have made a change in our credit card and echeck/ACH processing. The process is more user friendly and simplified. We hope you like the upgrades and thank you for your continued support. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions, or call 866-246-9691 option 3.